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Primal Convergence Part 2 at SOPAC

"ACTIVATE" Is now on view at South Orange Performing Arts Center 3rd Floor.



More pictures from The Visual Passion Experience











Visual Passion Testimonials

" gave us all a spectrum of experience that we would not have known had it not been for your vision and passion. and that's just for starters! just imagine the sequel!" Susie Sullivan, Language Teacher

" It was indeed a most original art installation!!!" Nancy Sobieski, Treasurer 1978 Arts Center

"Congratulations on a fantastic gigundo project/event/party/instillation/weekend...Thanks for turning 1978 into a fantasy world." Ellen Greenfield, President 1978 Arts Center

"I loved your exhibit, and I could not believe how friendly everyone there was." Keith Knudsen, Director, Recreation & Cultural Affairs


Saturday July 28, 2012...the Visual Passion in Full Swing






2nd Weekend of Visual Passion Installation

It's really coming along. This morning Gerard and I got up early and started painting the dark side painting using 3 colors, black, red and white. It really cries. I also finally got the window box made and hung on the wall. But, we had to clean up a bit for the upcoming sewing and photo classes at 1978 Arts Center. We will continue buidling however throughout the week and going strong next weekend. It is an exhausting endeavor but we are loving it.